The Making of a Book Trailer Part 1 – How We Made Our Book Trailers

the making of a book trailer

This is not your typical love story.

The Making of a Book Trailer Part One

April and June were very busy months. I had my first novel called Her published and released on June 4th, my first editorial published on June 7th, my book release party for Her on June 14th. Not to mention before June, during  the last three weeks of April, my crew and I wrote, produced, auditioned, cast, and filmed two book trailers for my book.

April and June were fun months. I wouldn’t trade the time for anything. It was quite an experience. I had the privilege of meeting and working with new and interesting people. Most of these people are hard working and talented individuals that brought a lot of passion and integrity to our project. Without their dedication and help, the two book trailers would not have been successfully created.

Week one began with perfecting the two book trailer scripts. Screenplay writer Tonina Kelly had read Her and had a keen understanding of the background of the book. Therefore, she was able to work her writer magic in turning the novel into a script for filming. The two book trailers were written like short films. Mind you, the book is written in three parts. It would be impossible to get the whole book into two short films and capture everything in only three weeks. What Ms. Kelly did was give the audience a visual teaser of what the readers could expect when they read the book. It is similar to a movie trailer, but instead of creating a full length film (at the time) and then chopping it up to make two trailers, Tonina Kelly was able to pick the most dramatic and key elements of the book that told the story to show you, the reader, on the screen.

Tonina Kelly wrote two book trailers that contrast each other. We made two trailers to illustrate the most classic symptom of BPD: black and white thinking.  The first trailer is heavy and dark. It is called: The Pain. The other trailer is a bit lighter. It is called: The Hope. Tonina Kelly did an excellent job writing two short films to make into book trailers that will show the rollercoaster of emotional pain and hope that main character of Her, Kristen, struggled with throughout the book.

Director of the two book trailers, Dee Marshall of So Pure Entertainment (SPE), approved of the scripts and gave it the green light to go into production. Once the script was written, edited, and given the green light, we knew that we were ready to begin scouting a location that would be perfect for filming the book trailers.

Rex Tuten is the director of The Highland Institute of Atlanta. We were able to use their large clinic as the filming grounds for the hospital scenes in the book trailer. It was an easy location to find and use as Mr. Tuten was more than glad to allow us to use the location for filming when the clinic was not in use by its staff. So, we used it to our advantage. Not only was the clinic our filming location, but it was the place we used for auditions, crew interviews, and casting. Because the space is so large, we were able to get a lot of work done without having to use several locations and go outside of our limited budget. Killing two birds with one stone seemed to have made things a lot easier and less expensive. Using close and available resources definitely helps when you’re working with a limited budget.

Since the first week was completed and we seemed to be all set with a script, a director, producers, and location, there were just a few other things we needed to do before we began filming. We needed to find a great DP and cinematographer, art director, and a full cast and crew. And thus began week two of making our book trailers.

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