My Gutsy Story

My Gutsy Story

The My Gutsy Story competition highlights people who have come a long way under different situations. I am so excited to say that I am currently in second place! I would love for my friends and fellow mental health advocates to help me out and cast a vote!

Thanks to everyone that has voted so far and shared with their friends. I truly appreciate it!

My Gutsy Story

Hello friends! As you know, it’s hard to put yourself out there, but I knew that it was important to share my story to help others. Was I gutsy enough? You decide! Please take a moment and put in a vote for me. I truly appreciate all of your love and support.

Voting for the favorite December 2013 “My Gutsy Story” contest takes place today and ends on January 15th at midnight PST. The winner will be announced on January 16th.

How Writing Saved My Life: My Gutsy Story Contest

How Writing Saved My Life: My Gutsy Story Contest


#love for Sonia Marsh of My Gutsy Living with Sonia Marsh. Please check out My Gutsy Story Contest entry called “How Writing Saved My Life” aka “The Best Kind of Therapy” at the link below. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear what you think and please share your experiences, too! Voting begins on January 2nd!