Hope, Survival and WIN! My Review of Finish Line Feeling by Liz Ferro


Hope, Survival and WIN!

Finish Line Feeling by Liz Ferro is one of the most inspiring true stories of survival that I’ve ever read! Liz overcame so many obstacles in her journey through life. She was raised in foster care and had suffered sexual and physical abuse. She did not use her past as an excuse not to succeed on her incredible journey. No, Liz did not give up. She went on to help others by finding joy and peace in her success with athletics, running marathons and her organization Girls With Sole. Finish Line Feeling is RAW, unique and uplifting. Liz’s life story is one of hope, survival and WINS!

Purchase Finish Line Feeling By Liz Ferro here on Amazon.com!

Check out Girls with Sole on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/girlswithsoleachieve

and http://www.girlswithsole.org/

Lady Godiva Inspirational Women! Who Inspires You?

PLEASE HELP! By Apirl 12th!!!

Thank you to everyone who nominated me for the Gutsy Gals Inspire Me Awards! It shows that I have inspired you in some phenomenal way. In turn, I was honored with an award in recognition of overcoming childhood abuse and psychological adversity to become an author and inspirational role model as a Gutsy Gal.

I need your nomination again to help me get ahead with my work in advocacy and raising awareness about mental health and child abuse. Every year, Godiva names three amazing women as Lady Godiva Nominees. Each nominee is awarded with a grant that will help further their inspirational work and expand each incredible woman’s mission. And it all starts with a spark of recognition from YOU, our friends. I need your spark to shine a light on the inspiration that you have received from me to win! 

I sincerely promise to work hard to continue to be an inspiration in raising awareness about mental health, child abuse, promote prevention, be a mentor to our youth, speak out for abuse survivors, and continue to work hard beside our amazing thrivers!

Please vote for me within the next 24 hours before the nominations are closed on April 12th. I truly appreciate all of you! Big hugs and lots of love always! Please be sure to leave a comment or a like to show that you had nominated me. Thank you so much!

Click here: http://bit.ly/1jx7J1X

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