NAMI South Bay Joins Crowdfunding Push!

Hello friends! We are closing in on the final days of our crowdfunding project to turn the novel Her into a movie! An amazing partner has signed on to promote this awareness campaign, NAMI South Bay! Please visit them to show them some support, especially if you are local to them. And don’t forget, we need donations to get this movie project off the ground as soon as possible! We need a minimum of $2,500, and your donation can help get us there.


And as a special treat, we are offering a new perk, not available on the Hatchfund site! For a limited time, if you make a tax-deductible donation of $100, I will include you in an exclusive workshop on journaling as therapy for depression and other mental illnesses. I have shared my strategies for journaling with a very special group of young students in Africa, and many left feeling empowered and inspired.


If you would like to join my workshop, but are unable to make the donation yourself, never fear! You can get this great perk by finding friends to donate in your name! Just have your friends contact us at to let us know that they donated. Get $100 donated for you, and we will send you the exclusive link to be a part of this journaling for depression workshop. So what are you waiting for? Donate today!

Thank you again for your donations. This project is aimed at reaching young adults who are struggling with mental illnesses like BPD, so that they can finally see that despite all the struggles, there is hope for a better life. Please help me share that message!


Free e-Book to Promote Fundraising!

Hello everyone! The deadline for the fundraising project to turn Her into a feature film is drawing near, and we haven’t quite hit our mark. To sweeten the deal a bit, I’m giving away the Kindle version for free today and tomorrow! In return, you are encouraged to spend what you would have spent on the book as donation to the Hatchfund. That’s just $2.99, and it’s 100% tax deductible!

In our donor perks, we list a social media shoutout for the $25 level, but for the next two days, if you donate that $2.99, I’ll give you a special shoutout as thanks! And, as a fun bonus, if you donate any more than $2.99, I’ll mail you a signed bookmark!


Remember, the purpose of turning this book into a movie is to reach more young people who have been diagnosed with a life-altering personality disorder. We want to show these people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that there is hope for a bright future, no matter how big the struggle.

Your donation helps us get one step closer to sharing our message of awareness and positivity. We can’t do it without you! So go to Amazon to grab your free book, then jump on Hatchfund and donate 2.99 to make this dream a reality!