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Education Speaker Series Presents:

Author and mental health advocate, Felicia Johnson, joins us to discuss her own experience in dealing with a loved one suffering from child abuse, depression and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Inspired by her own life story and the journey of her childhood friend, Felicia has authored the novel, Her, which is the story of a young girl dealing with BPD. Through her book, Felicia helps to bring understanding of BPD within reach of many young people and families afflicted by it and continues to help many come to terms with mental health issues they face.

As a survivor of child abuse and one who deals with mental illness in her personal and work life, Felicia is very involved in efforts to end the stigma of mental illness. Felicia lives in Atlanta and currently works at the Highlands Institute and volunteers with Youth Villages Inner Harbour and Personality Disorder Awareness Network.

This event is a FREE community service; all are welcome!

Beardall Senior Center

800 Delaney Ave

Orlando, FL 32801

July 20, 2015

Event begins at 6:30pm EST


Book Review of The Novel Vein Fire by Lucia Adams

fireveinIt’s okay to say no sometimes, Hannah.

Sometimes you go through things in life and it’s a little more than you can emotionally handle. That’s the truth about life and it’s written in this book. Hannah is a broken and scared woman. She was once a girl who, like most of us, experimented and learned from the lessons that came from the things that we tried out while growing up.

This is more than just a coming of age story about a girl who struggles with dealing with trauma, chronic pain, mental illness and drug abuse. This is a story that may disturb you, shake you, break you, trigger you and make you feel all mixed up inside. However, you may just feel something. And if that is what you want, then this is it. 3.5 stars for Hannah.

– Review written by Felicia Johnson, Author of “HER”.

Felicia Johnson Author, Speaker Event NAMI Carroll County Mental Health Advocates

Carroll County Mental Health Advocates

Author, Felicia Johnson – Author Page, will be the presenter at NAMI Carroll’s and Carroll County Mental Health Advocates’ Educational Night on July 30th at 6 PM at the Carrollton Courthouse. Please join us so Felicia can share her knowledge as a mental health worker, survivor and advocate of those dealing with borderline personality disorder. She will bring copies of her book with her.

CMHA & NAMI Carroll invite everyone to the Educational Night on July 30th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. featuring Felicia Johnson, speaking about Borderline Personality Disorder. This event will be at the Carroll County Court House, and it will be very insightful! Please like our page, and share this event on your walls to help spread the word!



Her By Felicia Johnson Book Review

Horror Muse

Her, book Title: Her

Author: Felicia Johnson

Genre: Young Adult

Description: “Her” draws attention to a disorder that disrupts the lives of many teen and robs them of  their self-identity. In “Her”, Felicia Johnson takes us into the mind f a girl suffering with  borderline personality disorder, and deftly portrays her hopes and struggles as she  desperately tries to understand it.

Atlanta, GA, April 11, 2015 – While mental health issues are more freely discussed these days, it is still difficult to approach someone who might have a problem. But ignoring it is not an option. With courage and great hope, Felicia Johnson deftly portrays the struggles of a girl with borderline personality disorder in “Her” (8th Street Publishing). Her takes readers  into the mind of someone who is suffering so they can get a first person view of a painful mental disorder”, says Johnson. “The story is an example of how, if…

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Mental Illnesses in Books – Felicia Johnson

Horror Muse

My dear bookworms,

Today we have a very special guest, the author of the “Her” book, Felicia Johnson. This is a guestpost/interview of hers. Unfortunately, books tend to stereotype mental illnesses, and I loved Felicia’s real approach on them. I wanted people to learn about that. No one is ever talking really about them, and books tend to “fancy” them, and make mental illnesses “cool”. Maybe Felicia’s guest post can change it at least a tiny bit. I figured this out, when I was reading the “Her” book (here’s my review), and I contacted Felicia’s publicist Melissa. The author was kind enough to write this post, even though she has quite a busy schedule. I hope you enjoy it.

Q.What made you want to write about mental illness?

A. I deal with mental illness on a daily basis in my personal life as well as my professional life. It…

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